is an independent consultancy providing high standards of specialist knowledge and advice in the fields of highway maintenance, management and law. 
We have an extensive knowledge of National standards for highway maintenance and of the practical implementation of maintenance policies across the full spectrum of roads from green lanes through urban streets to motorways.
Our experience includes working with Solicitors and other professionals in all legal issues connected with highways including liability claims against Highway Authorities, disputes over boundaries and responsibilities as well as actions initiated by Highway Authorities.
We can therefore provide independent expert advice, leading to the preparation of formal Expert Witness reports and the giving of evidence in Court if required.
Robert Luck is a First Tier Expert in the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers database, having been recommended by an APIL member. 
It is important to optimise the proportion of a highway maintenance budget actually spent on works.  We have the experience to study highway maintenance organisations and recommend improvements to maximise their cost-effectiveness.
The strategic planning of the maintenance of the network itself and the development of optimal works programmes are vital if value for money is to be achieved.  Robert Lucks experience in transportation combined with his expertise in maintenance management enables us to assist with an approach which integrates traffic and civil engineering issues, whether or not a full-scale Pavement Management System is to be used. 
The cost-effective management of the highway network at the tactical level relies on the use of appropriate technology to deal with each situation.
Through our practical experience, we can advise constructively on realistic solutions, either for the long term or taking account of such restraints on finance that may dictate a shorter-term pragmatic approach. 
Public expectations of winter service are steadily increasing, especially in those areas where the relative infrequency of adverse conditions means that high standing costs are difficult to justify.
We can advise on all stages of the process, from setting appropriate standards of service and decisions on specialist plant and snow fencing, through the provision and interpretation of meteorological information, to operational decision-making and management.
The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 imposes substantial obligations on both Statutory Undertakers and Highway Authorities.
Our general experience, together with Robert Lucks work on the principles underlying the Reinstatement Specification and his past membership of a Regional Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC), well qualify us to provide independent expert advice. 
We are able to undertake training at all levels in these areas, including the preparation of course materials and presentations.
any of these aspects of our work, please email the Robert A. Luck Consultancy at  Alternatively, follow this link for further contact details.